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  • Diamond Base Coat

    SCCR ET04
    Protective base with diamond powder and UV filters. It strengthens the nail and guarantees the nail polish adhesion. Crystal bottle of 14 ml with brush.
  • Total Care

    SCCR ET09
    New complete care with Calcium, Soy and Vitamins which strengthens and favours the nail growth. 14 ml bottle.
  • Nail Force Strengthener

    SCCR ET06
    With Wheat proteins to strengthen the keratin and increase the nail flexibility to prevent them from breaking or layering. Crystal bottle of 14 ml with brush.
  • Nail Force Conditioner

    SCCR ET07
    New moisturising formula which provides nails with flexibility. It protects the nail from cracking and peeling. 14 ml bottle.
  • Ultra Shine Top Coat

    SCCR ET08
    New quick dry coat with more shine that adds a long lasting protection. 14 ml bottle.
  • French Manicure Top Coat

    SCCR ET10
    New shine top coat. It neutralises the yellow appearance of the nail and emphasises its beauty with the French manicure. 14 ml bottle.
  • Express Dry Oil

    SCCR ET01
    This unique mixture of oils favours the manicure by protecting, drying and fixing the nail lacquers in the blink of an eye. It also keeps the cuticle perfectly moisturised. Crystal bottle of 14 ml with brush.
  • Lac Fix

    SCCR ET02
    Acetone-free formula to touch up the nail lacquers when they get damaged by rubbing and friction. Apply with a brush before the nail lacquer dries completely. Crystal bottle of 14 ml with brush.
  • Silk Filler

    SCCR ET03
    It evens the surface of the nails with grooves or furrows leaving it uniform and flexible. With UV filters and silk proteins. It can also be applied as nail polish and final shine. Crystal bottle of 14 ml with brush.