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  • Tip Off

    Solvent to eliminate the gaps. 15ml bottle with brush.
  • Crystal Gloss

    Ultra-brilliant gloss of long lasting duration for gel and acrylic. To catalyst with UV lamp. 15ml bottle.
  • Primer

    SCCR G060
    Version with acid for dehydrating the area where we are going to work. 15 ml bottle.
  • Acid Free Primer

    SCCR G061
    Acid free version to clean and extract dampness from the nail bed. 15 ml bottle.
  • Tip Bond

    SCCR TB06
    Glue of maximum adherence and quick dry to place the tips. 6ml bottle.
  • Finish Solution

    Liquid to remove the gel excess. To use it as final product after putting nails under the lamp. 250ml bottle.
  • Seal Plus

    Sealing shine for artificial nails. New formula of double use: Air-dry or UV lamp. 15ml bottle with brush.