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  • Warm Pink

    SCCR GE25
  • French Perfect

    SCCR GE26
  • French Sublime

    SCCR GE90
  • French Saumon

    SCCR GE100
  • Infalible

    SCCR GE123
  • Addict

    SCCR GE127
  • Orange

    SCCR GE23
  • Orange Pastel

    SCCR GE103
  • Crazy Orange

    SCCR GE110
  • Crazy Abricot

    SCCR GE112
  • Mysterious Orange

    SCCR GE117
  • Glam Pink

    SCCR GE21
  • Gel Revolution

    The permanent nail polish revolution
  • How long does it last?

    21 days of perfect nails
  • What colour do you feel like today?

    Choose between over 100 different shades
  • Always like the very first day

    The product does not thicken or change inside the bottle
  • Simply perfect!

    Gel Revolution does not shrink when dry and provides perfect nail coverage
  • High level of adhesion

    The polish does not peel off by itself
  • Incredible

    The texture of Gel Revolution is identical to that of a traditional nail polish