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  • Standard Plier

    SCUT A001
    High precision and soft plier made of steel which can be sterilised.
  • Two-Colour Plier

    SCUT A002
    Extremely light plier with a chrome and gold plated finish that will attract the attention of many professionals.
  • Manicure Scissors

    SCUT T001
    Essential scissors with slightly curved point for high precision on manicure works.
  • Transparent Plastic Stick

    SCCR PC01
    Anatomical pointed edge for pushing back cuticles. It substitutes the traditional wooden stick. It can be sterilised.
  • Spoon Pusher

    SCCR U010
    Metallic spoon pusher. It doesn’t harm the base of the nail.
  • Versatile Spoon Pusher

    SCCR U009
    Stainless steel. 2 sides. Pusher and cuticle remover.
  • Crystal Pusher

    SCCR AC29
    For use with acrylic paints.
  • Tip Manicure Plier

    SCCR TC01
    To cut any type of clip at the desired size with total precision and safety. Easy to use.
  • Glass Godet

    SCCR U009
    Small capacity to avoid wasting product.
  • Crisnail Brush

    SCCR U013
    Perfect for the hygiene of hands and nails and for the cleansing of implements.
  • Double Dispenser with glass-holder

    SCCR G079
    Two bases with lid for acrylic powder and one free for the glass godet.
  • Plastic Manicure Bowl

    Comfortable, high quality bowl for your manicure services. Its anatomical design ensures a correct positioning of the customer’s hand. Highly resistant.
  • Dispense Multipurpose

    SCCR G079
    Dispenser for liquid.
  • Cotton Gel Wipes

    SCCR TL02
    Maximum removing capacity. Box containing 200 units.
  • Nail Wipes

    SCCR TL01
    Square interwoven cottons. Lint free wipes. Box containing 250 cottons of 5 x 5 cm.
  • Disposable Manicure Towels

    XIDE E012
    For a total hygiene the towels are made of high resistant ecological cellulose. Size: 25 x 50 cm. Box containing 50 units.
  • Cotton Towel Small

    XIAL B009
    100% cotton. Can be washed in hot water and bleach. White colour.