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  • Professional Polisher 240/800/3000

    SCCR L004
  • Two-sided 400

    SCCR L0111
    Two-sided padded file.
  • Violet 120/180

    SCCR L002
    For the natural and artificial nail with two intensities: thin and medium.
  • Stamped 120/180

    SCCR L003
    Two different intensities:thin and medium. File for natural and artificial nail.
  • Classic Manicure 150/220

    SCCR L006
    Thin file for the natural nail.
  • Padded 80

    SCCR L005
    For the acrylic technique. High Strength.
  • Boomerang 100/180

    SCCR L007
    Anatomic file ideal for shaping of medium-high thickness.
  • Half Moon Sponge

    SCCR L012
    Flexible file which absorbs the powder from polishing.
  • Crisnail Block 120

    SCCR L009
    Soft Polisher.
  • File Display

    Attractive display to promote in-salon sales. Includes 6 files of each of the following: Violet 120/180, Stamped 120/180, Two-Sided 4000, Classic Manicure 150/200 and Boomerang 100/180.