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  • Marine Drops

    SCCR G055
    Soluble salts with Calendula, Lemon and Seaweeds. They whiten and clean the nails at the same time as relaxing the client. Bottle with 28 units.
  • Tropical Peel

    The softest exfoliation with grains of Sugar Cane and Mango, Aloe Vera and Almonds for an extra hydration. Tube of 200 ml.
  • Butter Balm

    Intensive moisturising and nourishing treatment with Macadamia nut, Kiwi seed and Shea butter. It leaves the skin smooth, silky and protected. Tube of 200 ml.
  • Flower Balm

    Of quick absorption, it moisturises and soothes the skin leaving a soft perfume of Wild Flowers and Lavender. Bottle of 500 ml with dispenser.
  • Mango Cuticle Oil

    Concentrated oil with Mango seed, rich in Vitamins A and E. It nourishes, moisturises and revitalises cuticles by stimulating the growth of the nail. Bottle with dropper of 30 ml.
  • Mango Cuticle Oil Display

    Useful and elegant display stand with 9 roll on bottles of 10 ml perfect for retail.
  • Warm Touch Nail & Cuticle Care Lotion

    Lotion with Keratin, Silk and Vitamins A and E. It deeply nourishes and moisturises the cuticles at the same time it strengthens and revitalises the natural nail. Bottle of 1 lt.
  • Warmer

    SCCR AP02
    Electric warmer specific for Warm Touch. It warms up the lotion at perfect temperature to favour the absorption of nutrients.
  • Disposable Warmer Trays

    Disposable plastic trays that perfectly adapt to the inside part of the warmer. Pack of 25 units.