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A new era in nail care is born

Progressive, bold and non-conformist, Crisnail is the nail care company for people who feel different and who are looking for something new and exciting.

With a surprising variety of colours and a broad range of products at the cutting edge of today's trends, Crisnail is the most couture manicure brand on the market. It represents a new generation of nail care brands for hands and feet at which intense nail care goes hand in hand with the latest fashions. Traditional varnishes, permanent and semi-permanent varnishes; to give a splash of colour to your nails professionally at a beauty salon or for use at home, guaranteeing intense colour, lasting shine and a tough, long-lasting finish. We also offer gels and acrylics, nail decorations, spa manicures... The Crisnail universe has no limits.

If you want something different, join our brand. A new age in nail care is born...